Meet the Next Online
Learning Platform.


Expedition Next is not your average Learning Management System. Instead, it fully commits itself to giving the right tools to set up learning journeys that give learners the opportunity to tune into their group, have a more personal approach for trainers and collaborate with peers to enhance the journey. 



Set goals. Get Inspired. Collaborate.


Expedition Next let's you set your long-term goals and set real-world actions to commit to these. Your trainer will make sure your journey will be an inspiring one by challenging you, set tasks and guide you through the course. And collaborating with your peers will ensure that your journey won't be a lonely one by providing the tools to communicate and collaborate. 


Setting Goals.

Once you have set your goals you will be asked about them regularly. By evaluating your actions …



A course is devided into so-called sprints over an x-period of time. During these sprints you will be challenged with a set of assessments and quizzes. Your peers can be asked to evaluate your work, making this a journey …




By communicating with others you will feel much more engaged. You can add videos, articles or files with your group, making this an active journey which …


Don't just take our word for it.


How Next  works for Krauthammer

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Marieke Dijkshoorn, Krauthammer International


All the features
you need for an engaging user journey.


Agile learning in sprints

Create inspiring tailor-made learning journeys for teams, deploy into sprints over self-set time which can be easily modified at any time.


Yes you can… with a plan!

Let users define their personal goals and create their own actions to create their own personal development plan, the OGSM-way. Be a personal coach that helps your employees along the way.


Collaborate! Share and co-create...

Share knowledge together. Collaborate on assignments. Expedition Next helps users interact to continuously update knowledge.


Intuitive and user friendly

The clear and uncluttered interface give users the overview and tools they need to achieve their learning goals.


Plays nice with your current IT infrastructure

With Expedition Next, you get a powerful tool that does not require you to rearrange your existing systems. That means less stress for your IT team!


Feel right at home

Expedition Next is fully customisable to reflect your brand values. Take control over colours, fonts and logos  instead of alienating users.


Report progress

Monitor the progress of your teams at any time. Important and elaborate information give you an insight as to how your teams are taking up their newly gained knowledge.